About the SRPS

The Self-Rescuing Princess Society is for all who realize no knight in shining armor is going to save us. Instead, when facing trouble, we straighten our tiaras, exchange glass slippers for hiking boots, and get down to the business of kicking ass.

We feature stories about women and girls who kick ass.

Who am I? 
Hi! I'm Karen Price and I am one of the founding members of the Self-Rescuing Princess Society, and the sole owner of the SRPS blog and social media.

You may be asking, "What is a Self-Rescuing Princess?"
Great question! It's anyone who thinks girls and women are strong, smart, and awesome in so many ways. The Self-Rescuing Princess Society is for those who realize no knight in shining armor is going to always be there to save us. Instead, we straighten our tiaras, exchange glass slippers for hiking boots and get down to the business of kicking ass.

What is the Self-Rescuing Princess Society's mission?
To promote women and girls (and others) who are working to make the world a better place for everyone, as well as bring attention to many of those who have come before us and whose stories may have been lost to time, in an inclusive, safe space that encourages growth and learning.

What happens in the Self-Rescuing Princess Society?
I write a variety of blog posts, each in keeping with the general mission:

She's Crafty - a weekly post either highlighting a particularly crafty person, or a round-up of amazing crafts usually centered around a theme, but sometimes just cool stuff I've found.
Kickstart This! - a mostly-weekly post pointing out excellent crowd-funding projects that deserve your attention.
Movie/TV Night/ Gamer Girl/Books - periodic posts discussing particularly interesting movies, TV shows, games, books, or comics, and how they relate to the overall mission of SRPS.
Shout-Out - quick posts highlighting a specific person and what makes them awesome. Sometimes historical, sometimes contemporary.
Biography - a more in-depth look at a person's life, including photos, quotes, and "read more" links for follow-up.
Follow Friday - periodic posts highlighting the awesome folks I'm following on social media.
Interviews - posts where I interview folks who've done something great, talking about their great thing.

The focus is on positive, empowering, inspirational stories of women and girls doing awesome things.

Commenting policy: All comments are moderated. Please keep the discussion civil and on topic. I will delete comments that do not contribute to the discussion or which create an atmosphere that is not welcoming and supportive to everyone. I reserve the right to delete comments rather than engage in a discussion I don't have time or energy for. I have no qualms about bringing out the ban hammer whenever necessary.

Everything is up to the discretion of the moderator. Don't piss her off.


  1. Hi, I'm interested in contacting you but I can't find your email on the site. What would that be?

    1. Hello! You can reach me via selfrescuingprincesssociety@gmail.com!