She's Crafty

I am continually amazed by how clever and artistic some people are. In fact, aside from sharing the stories of kickass women in history, this is my favorite type of post to make. There are just so many creative folks  out there making great things I just have to share with you -- geeky amigurumi dolls, beautiful jewelry, scarves, blankets, sweaters, cosplay, paintings, ceramics... I could go on and on. And often do.

She's Crafty!
Last year, when Jill of DapperToad was planning for her summer knitting camp, she was a bit worried that the kids would give up on knitting the first time they got frustrated, and wanted to create a couple whimsical and inspirational pieces to keep them motivated. That's when she dreamed up Sir Reginald Wiggly.

She's Crafty - Wonder Woman edition
I think I'm going to have to figure out how to knit just so I can make this awesome Wonder Woman sweater designed by Natalie Bursztyn. I love that it's made out of sparkly yarn. And that she purposely made the pattern so it can be adjusted for individualize fit.

She's Crafty - Star Wars Edition
I understand the middle and eastern parts of the US are still looking more like Hoth than anyone would like. I've gathered some geeky Star Wars-themed crafts to help you keep warm. I love geeky cross stitch! And this one is super awesome. Thanks to Meredith Cait at HardCoreStitchCorps you can make your very own Bless This House - Mos Isley Edition for your very own wretched hive lovely home.

She's Crafty - Microscopic Edition!
For something on a slightly smaller, more crafty scale, these microbe cross stitch pieces by Alicia Watkins are super cute! You can buy them already completed, or make your own from her kits. Who doesn't want her very own representation of the toxoplasmosis? Perfect for any cat-lover, right?

She's Crafty - Captain America sweatshirt
Super awesome floral Captain America shield sweatshirt -- the perfect snow day craft project! Tehnakki typically spends her days in Boston being an awesome rocket scientist. (OK, technically she's a satellite engineer, but 'rocket scientist' sounds way cooler. And eviler.) When she's not doing science, she's playing games, creating awesome cosplay, and following other awesomely nerdly pursuits.

She's Crafty - Mama's got a new bag
You know what nerds need more than an impressive supply of geeky tees and action figures? A bag to carry all that stuff around in! Lilia Todd has posted some great photos of this amazing Wonder Woman satchel. How awesome is this thing? I especially love the blue lining with stars and the little golden lasso of truth on the zipper pull.

She's Crafty - Women's History Month Edition 2
I love this Helen Keller Quote Cuff by Kaelyn Wraase at WordyWoman. "I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something, and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do something that I can do."

She's Crafty - Birds of a Feather Edition 2
Hello my little chickadees! I love seeing (and hearing) my chickadee pals in my trees out back. They're out back singing right now as I type this. So super cute! Just like these super cute little hand-painted chickadee earrings from Kirstin Stride. In fact, her whole shop is filled with adorable earrings, brooches, cards and more. All hand-painted, and all lovely!

She's Crafty - Feeling Bookish
It's getting to be that time of year again here in the Northern Hemisphere -- time to snuggle up in a warm blanket, pour a cup of hot tea and settle in with a good book. Here are some clever and creative book-related crafts to mark the occasion! Jodi Harvey-Brown makes wonderfully imaginative sculptures using books. I particularly like this Game of Thrones piece showing Daenerys and her dragons. Just gorgeous!

She's Crafty!
I am in love with these sweet greeting cards made from woodcuts from celiahart. "The images on this card are from my woodcut, 'The birds' wedding day' inspired by the mistle thrushes that I see in the ancient yew tree right outside my studio window, are the first birds to start to build their nest, just as the first primroses begin to flower and on sunny days a brimstone butterfly flutters by."

She's Crafty - Women's History Month Edition 3
I am absolutely IN LOVE with these peg versions of Four History-Making Women by Katie of MakingsFromMommyland. "History is full of strong women and now you can show them off. These little peg women can be used as decoration to grace your desk or living space as a great conversation set or they can be used as a toy to teach your child or children about powerful and strong women in history."
Lego Star Wars Friends - Come to the pink side, we have puppies!
In fact, there's an entire group of LEGO enthusiasts out there building amazing pieces using ordinary bricks in new and creative (and amazing!) displays. Here's where I admit that I went looking around on the various Flickr Lego group pages and lost at least three hours of my life looking at some seriously unbelievable pieces. By far my favorites, though, are these MOC (My Own Creation) pieces created by Frances and Tyler Sky.


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