Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Power of the Tiara - I love surprises!

I woke up with a terrible headache. It's the same dumb headache that was bothering me a couple of weeks ago. I'm still trying to figure out what causes it. I think I've decided that it's really more a combination of factors, some of which are out of my control. Boo.

So, I spent the morning attacking the headache from all angles: allergy medicine, decongestant, caffeine, water, rest, and mediation. At one point, I even decided to put on my tiara, to show this headache I'm still the head princess, even when I'm feeling like a frog.

With the tiara on, I decided to spend some quality time in my sewing room, cleaning up and planning my next couple of projects. That's when I remembered the sewing grab bag I'd picked up yesterday evening.

I was cruising around one of my regular thrift stores yesterday, and saw a bag of goodies that I couldn't pass us. It was sealed up tight, so I couldn't quite tell what all was in there. But since it was only about $1, I decided to take a chance. If nothing else, I know I can use some of the thread and that Altoids tin.

Oh, bonus! The Altoids tin is filled with pins! I actually need more pins. Mine are getting chewed up by my sewing machine and I sometimes have to skimp on how many I use on some of my bigger projects!

A jar full of buttons. Didn't everyone's grandmother have a couple of these? I know mine did. My Granny kept a bunch of different jars filled with odds and ends. I have to admit, when I opened this jar, I sniff the air inside. It smelled just like my Granny's house.

A little bag of miscellaneous buttons and doodads. I'm pretty sure that green flower is going to get used on my current monster project. I'm curious to know if anyone knows what that metal clip thing at the top might be. It looks like a miniature curling iron. Maybe it's a ribbon curler?

Green seed beads, and a thread crochet hook. I can use those, I'm sure. And bobbins! I was thinking about buying some new bobbins, since all the bobbins I have are sorta committed to different colors. I know I'm not the only person who tries to use similar colored thread on each bobbin right?

Wooden spools are so cool. We used them as blocks at my Granny's house.

Other older spools of thread. Some of these brands look very familiar to when my mom would sew clothes for me. Or maybe I remember them from my Meemaw's sewing area.

So, that was a pretty good score, don't you think?


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