Friday, May 6, 2011

Self-Rescuing Princess of the Week: Evie Truxaw

I've written about my friend-farmers over at Tierra Vegetables a couple of times on my other blog. I adore those people and their produce. I count so many of the people there as my friends. I feel very fortunate to have developed such a great relationship with the people who grow my food.

Evie is a regular at the farm stand. She and her husband Wayne, and his sister Lee, are the heart of Tierra, along with so many others who work to make sure we can get the freshest, most wonderful vegetables, fruits, beans, cornmeal, spices, chilis, peppers and flowers each week. Evie is there at the front of the farm stand with a smile and a hug for everyone who comes in. She is the kindest, smartest, funniest, most open person you would ever care to meet. She is a rock star.

And she is also a cancer survivor. Back in early winter of 2009, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After surgery, several rounds of chemotherapy, and an extended recovery, she is doing great. She's back at the farm stand full time, smiling, hugging and chatting with everyone. Her hair has grown back in a fun post-cancer 'fro.

And tomorrow morning she will run 6 miles as part of the Human Race to raise funds for the Airport Club's Cancer Wellness Program -- a program that she herself participated in when she was sick. They provide nutrition, exercise, and social programs for cancer patients, free of charge. Before this week, I had never heard of this program. Now I'm sold on its importance to my community. Especially because it was there to help Evie in her time of need.

Most awesomely, she's calling her run the F*** Cancer run. Well, when I heard that, I had to join her, right? I mean, if she can go through all that chemo and fight her way back to health, the very least I can do is run 6 miles with her (or, more likely, behind her as she leaves me in the dust).

Evie, you are an amazing woman, and I'm happy to be able to count you among my self-rescuing princess friends. Rock on, sister!

PS. If you want to donate to help the Cancer Wellness Program, you can do so at Evie's fund-raising page, or mine.


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