Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

This really awesome video about Victoria Schmidt, CosPlayer extraordinaire! Seriously. I am amazed at the level of effort she invests in her costumes! (h/t to The Mary Sue)

And then there was this fantastic write up about gender-bending cosplay and how incredibly OK it can be within the geek culture.

"We spend so much time pondering new possibilities that when someone comes up to us and says, 'Hey, I’m different,' we get excited. We give them a big hug and say, 'No worries. We love different here.'” Or as I always say, "Normal is weird. And weird is normal."

And speaking of CosPlay (with the emphasis on "play"), have you checked out Superheroes are for Girls Too lately? I don't know who Miss Martian is, but I really dig the hair!

Nicole DeBoom is the bomb. I met her a couple of years ago when she came to host a booth at the Vineman expo here in Santa Rosa. I was so impressed with how genuinely friendly and supportive she was. I'm not your typical athlete, and nowhere near the stature of someone like Nicole. But she treated me like every other triathlete she met that day. It was pretty awesome.

And her company, Skirt Sports is pretty cool too. I love my Skirt running skirt. The fabrics are great and I like how the styles are available in sizes for women who aren't professional athletes.

So when I saw this story about her efforts to get women out "moving and grooving," I knew I had to share it with you all.

And, finally, if you follow SRPS on Facebook, you've probably already seen the link to another really great Ms. Magazine post about how Hermione is a true feminist. (spoiler alert for folks who haven't seen the movie yet)


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