Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

First, I want to say I'm so very excited to see The Iron Lady tonight! I hope you're planning to see it yourself! You just know Meryl Streep is going to be amazing.

In fact, if you needed more evidence of actually HOW awesome Ms. Streep is, check out her visit with Ellen, where she explains why she donated her full salary from the movie to the Women's History Museum.

While we're on the subject of historical women, Two Nerdy History Girls has been running some great clips of Victorian women speaking on camera about their experiences. The latest is an interview with Princess Alice, Queen Victoria's granddaughter.

Going even further back in history, The Mary Sue shared a piece about Anna Morandi Manzolini, a 18th century artist who helped further scientific and medical understanding by creating realistic wax sculptures of human anatomy.

On a sad, modern note, Kathleen Edward, the Michigan girl dying of Huntington's disease, and whose strength in the face of horrific cyber bullying was an inspiration to many, has passed away. If you don't know the story, it's worth reading, here and here.

I just learned that my childhood heroine, Billie Jean King, will be in my neighborhood this weekend, speaking at the Charles Schultz Museum. I might just have to clear my schedule to go hear her speak!

And, lastly, I leave you with this little nugget of awesomeness: Awesome Women Rock reminds us, You're Never Too Old to Dance.


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