Friday, February 10, 2012

Weely Wrap-up

Some of the awesome things that I've seen over the last couple of days.

OK, not really the Hunger Games. I'm still reading it, I admit it. I'm sure it's clear by now I'm a slow reader. But this Lana Del Rey "Hunger Games" video is awesome (if a bit spoilerish):

Hillary Rosner writes about her experience with selling science stories to women's magazines:
Their So-Called Journalism, or What I Saw at the Women’s Mags

elle, phd has been running a great series for Black History Month, highlighting black women who deserve more recognition. So far: Addie Wyatt, Constance Baker Motley, and Maggie Lena Walker.

MadArtLab shared a great music love song for the Internet: Oh Internet -- A Love Song.

Sady Doyle writes about Occupy V-Day: All You Need (to Protest) Is Love

Betty White raps with electro dance artist Luciana, in their new music video "I'm Still Hot:"

Yes, Betty. You sure are!


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