Friday, April 6, 2012

SRPS - Highlights

First off, I want to wish a super happy birthday to Marilu Henner, who I grew up watching on Taxi! Here she is with the rest of the cast, singing Lullaby of Broadway:

And her bad hair day (haven't we all been there before?):

Aside from this being Easter weekend (happy face: I can have booze again!), it's also PAX East (sadface: I'm not there with my friends). So, to honor all the awesome geekiness going on in Boston this weekend, here's a fantastic illustration of a gamer girl posted by tiltawhirls on tumblr.

A while back, Two Nerdy History Girls had a great post about what women blacksmiths wore in the 18th century:

Women's Adventure Magazine had an interview with Emily Ross, a 14 year old girl who is already an expert on adventure:

When I was little, I would attach our old dog, Buck, to a plastic sled and have him carry me around outside. I’m 14 now, and dogs still pull me around, only now there are eight of them and we tend to charge through 110 miles of bitter cold rather than roam the woods near my house.
And speaking of women and sports, have you seen the latest Gatorade G Series commercial?

Georgian Gentleman had a wonderful post about early American wax artist and spy, Patience Lovell Wright:

Raganwald's Posterous had a great post, A Woman's Story, about a young black woman in Canada during the 1950s, who fought the odds to become a successful computer programmer, who is, as it turns out, his mother.

There's been lots of great fan-art about The Hunger Games, but this one made me laugh out loud:

Oh, and did you see An Imagined Girls Night With Katniss Everdeen, Hermione Granger, Bella Swan And Buffy Summers? It's also LOL-worthy!
Bella: You guys! It’s not like that!! Plus, he’s totally convenient to have around when I need some attention and I’m not getting it from vampire man.
Katniss: What’s the deal with you people and dating vampires? You guys should try humans sometime.
Hermione: Preach.
Buffy: There’s nothing wrong with vampires. Minus their emotional unavailability, lack of reflection, and penchant for really rough sex.
Bella: The rough sex is great, although it’s super awkward that we have to keep buying new pillows every time.
Katniss: This conversation is getting weird. Can I have some of those Doritos?
So, on that note... I'm going to go feel sorry for myself for not being able to attend PAX East, and the cruise photos on G+. If I see any good costumes, I'll let you know!

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