Sunday, July 8, 2012

She's Crafty

So many great crafty things! I just adore this Nyan cat wrap!

Nyan Cat wrap

I love clever decorations. This colorful paper globe light made
from cocktail umbrellas is so cool, I might actually make a couple
of these for our patio!

Really cool cocktail umbrella light

OMG! You HAVE to check out this awesome website with
step-by-step instructions of how to make really cool,
geeky amigurumi figures, like this ATF set!

Amigurumi Aqua Teen Hunger Force!

Ha ha. What a cute way to deal with holey jeans.
I'd be temped to do this with all my pants!

Clever way to "fix" a hole in the knee of your jeans!

More cute crochet patterns! I want to make a bunch of these
little yip yip aliens in different colors!

How to crochet a Yip-Yip Alien.

And then there are the science-y crafts. This mini quilt with embroidery is what one might find in a petri dish. And it's beautiful.

What a cool petri dish mini quilt!

I'm actually going to make some of these! Our coffee table has a small bowl on it, where these would be perfectly displayed.

Crochet dice!

What geeky crafts projects are you working on?


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