Friday, January 25, 2013

Self-Rescuing Princess of the Week - Brooke Raboutou

I don't know a lot about climbing. I'm terribly afraid of falling, and think it's a great personal achievement to make it halfway up the easy routes at the local climbing wall (but I'm working on going higher!). But I'm pretty sure Brooke Raboutou is as freakin' awesome as she seems in these photos! And she's only 11 years old!

I train mostly in the winter in the indoor climbing gyms. I train with my team three/four days per week. They encourage me and I encourage them. We push each other to climb harder. I also do gymnastics and I think that helps my climbing too.

I just like to climb and have fun with my family, my team, and myself.

I think what I do is more fun than most of the other things I could be doing. My best friends do gymnastics and or climbing.
I look up to my family for a lot of different reasons. Mostly because they are good climbers, like my Mom, who won 4 world cups in a row. My Dad was a French champion and was the first person to onsight an 8b. My brother helps me because he encourages me, and we work together. He is also very very strong. I'm also lucky to have my mom as my coach. Another climber that inspires me is Alex Puccio, because she is so strong.

(Quotes Source: DPMClimbing;  Photo Sources: Team ABC Boulder and DPMClimbing)

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