Saturday, June 8, 2013

She's Crafty

Here's where I admit that my craft room is a disaster. It's looking more like the catch-all room rather than the beautifully-organized craft room of my dreams. I know why... it's because the last six months have been a mess of school and sick cat and sick me. But still, it's a little disheartening to know that any summer craft project will automatically require several hours of straightening and organizing and cleaning...

Anyway, enough about my non-problems. How about we talk about the awesome stuff I've found over the last couple of weeks of cruising the internet. Like this freakin' awesome hand-embroidered intergalactic thief rat badge from FionaBearClaw.

The fact that it also glows in the dark is just makes it more awesome!

How about this adorable little Megaman Crochet Doll from PixelBlock?
Steel isn't cuddly. That's a fact. And most of the time robot-exploding do-gooder blue androids aren't considered to be especially huggable either - until now.

This hand-painted Pacman shower curtain from CraftNerdy has my creative brain going. We need new curtains in our game room, and now I'm wondering what kind of classic arcade game designs I can come up with!

And this Ms. Pacman throw pillow is a perfect blend of adorable and awesome. I love the sequins and details! This is getting added to the growing game room crafts list!

If you know me, then you probably know that I have an apron addictions. I have lots of retro aprons, holiday aprons. Even a New Orleans Saints apron (thanks Mom!). But I don't have any aprons that are especially geeky, like these really super aprons from Darling Amy!

What are you crafting these days?


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