Thursday, January 2, 2014

She's Crafty - Serenity Edition

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was full of all kinds of fun. After a nice hike with friends and games in the evening, we settled in for a visit with my friends aboard Serenity. So, staying with that theme, here are some really cool Firefly/Serenity inspired crafts!

I love love love this little crochet Kaylee doll by Nancy Torrance over on Ravelry! She's so cute! And the parasol! So perfect!

This knit Blue Sun bag by Aliese Holder on Ravelry is perfect for carrying your stuff when you're off on your daily adventures.

I have been obsessed with painted shoes lately. And these Serenity shoes by Christine Hutton at Scrapcrafter are really gorgeous.

Everyone else seems to be obsessed with peg people. And I can understand why. Look at how cute Zoe and Wash look as peg people in this print by Jen at Mimi & Boo!

I have already added the entire set of these Firefly crew felt pillows by Telah McClary at Heart Felt Design to my wish list for next year. No geeky couch should be without them!


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