Friday, July 18, 2014

She's Crafty - Birds of a Feather Edition

My desk in our office, as well my sewing table in my craft room both look out over our back yard and the trees that seem to be a popular gathering space for local birds of all kinds. I've seen black-capped night herons, cedar waxwings, and even a great egret a couple of time. And that's in addition to the regulars -- finches and chickadees and the like.

In honor of my feathered guests (and entertainment), here's a selection of some super cute bird-themed crafts!

I adore these whimsical owls and other birds, hand-crafted by Joy Elizabeth. They're currently out of stock, but she has tons of other cute hand-made bird-themed items!

I'm amazed by the detail in these paper birds by Diana Beltran Herreras! I mean, look at those feathers on this downy woodpecker!

I've seen a couple of different felt pieces by Elizabeth Armstrong show up on my Pinterest front page, and each is stunningly beautiful. But these little birds are my favorite. They make me so happy with all their bright colors. If I ever find myself in Melbourne again, I might have to check out her studio and take a class.

This cute little crochet bird and wreath is definitely within my ability to make, and I think I may try my hand at a couple over the next month or so. Can you image having several along a string, all in different colors? Like a kind of bird-banner thing?

And then there's this absolutely gorgeous quilt applique pattern by Sandra Leichner. You can buy the kit, if you're brave enough to try this at home. She also teaches classes in her studio for folks. I love the colors of the little wren and the greenery, but I'm totally mesmerized by the quilting pattern in the background.

What are you creating these days? Please feel free to share links to your projects or your favorite crafty things in the comments!


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