Friday, July 11, 2014

She's Crafty - Microscopic Edition!

I'm back! Yes! After taking a semester off to deal with wrapping up school stuff, I've returned!

One of my most exciting goals for the next couple of weeks is to clear out my craft room and get back to making fun stuff. Just for fun. You know... not for school.

As inspiration, I've been looking at clever, beautiful fiber arts projects by others. There are SO MANY of really creative folks out there making gorgeous things. Lately I've been especially fascinated with folks taking images of cells and amoeba, and scaling them up for us to enjoy the beauty of the microscopic world.

Karen Kamenetzky's quilts are simply stunning. This piece is titled Cellular Dance, and I'm in love with the vibrant colors and detailed stitching.

For something on a slightly smaller, more crafty scale, these microbe cross stitch pieces by Alicia Watkins are super cute! You can buy them already completed, or make your own from her kits. Who doesn't want her very own representation of the toxoplasmosis? Perfect for any cat-lover, right?

I cannot stop staring at this piece titled Ovum 58x47 by Betty Busby. Its brilliant colors capture more than simply the details (not at all simple!), but also the 'magic' of the life-giving force.

While I love quilts and other fiber arts, I also enjoy seeing (and making) 3D pieces. This enlarged Amoeba by Leisa Rich is fun and colorful, and brings together several different techniques.

As for wearable art, this scarf with cell structures is gorgeous and functional! Michele Banks's painting have been beautifully transferred to silk with a magnificent result.

What are you making these days?


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