Friday, August 22, 2014

Follow Friday

Here's your weekly roundup of awesome folks you should be following!
The ever-awesome Julie Pagano has "left" Twitter, but you can still follow her on her blog with her routine Firebee Dispatches -- which are chock full of feminist banter breaking down the patriarchy!

Julia Wilde is pretty much my go-to for awesome science stuff! She's got a great Tumblr board, and also publishes regular YouTube videos about science and geeky stuff. You can also follow her on Google+ and Twitter.

Kimberly Chapman rocks my socks. She's smart, witty, kind (if you deserve it), creative, and so much more. She's pretty much only found on Google+, but in addition to posting all kinds of feminist and progressive stuff, she's also a science AND cake geek! Plus, she wrote a really awesome book, Finding Gaia.

SheHeroes is one of my favorite pages to watch on Facebook. They're always posting such great stories about women and girls out doing awesome things in the world! You can also find them on Twitter.


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