Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kickstart This!

Here's your weekly selection of fantastic SRPS-approved Kickstarter projects!

In The Hole Story, a Girls Make Games grand prize winner, a girl aided by her trusty shovel embarks on a riddling quest to find a missing princess. GMG 2014 Grand Prize Winner!

Play the 2-week Prototype developed at camp!

Imagined Realms is the first in a series of annual art books featuring exclusive new fantasy illustrations by Hugo Award nominated artist, Julie Dillon.
I got into art because I love to create, to see the world in new ways, and to stir the imagination of others. I have long wanted to start putting together my own books and work on more personal projects. "Imagined Realms" gives me the opportunity to spend more time creating my own illustrations and projects, and also gives me the chance to create more illustrations that feature positive and diverse representations of women.

OK, y'all! I played Ninja Pizza Girl at PAX Australia last year, and it was probably my favoritest game of the whole show (that includes Crabitron). The game play is fun. You run and jump and duck and slide. All while trying to delivery pizzas to your customers on time. But the story is deeper than just a simple platformer -- it's a game about teenage bullies.
Ninja Pizza Girl is a fast-paced platform game about speed and flow, about big jumps and giant drops and yelling out “Woohoo!” It’s a game of freedom and fun for speed runners and platformer newcomers alike. It’s also a game about Gemma,a sixteen-year-old girl trying to keep her dreams alive in face of the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl – other teenagers.
But don't take it from me... check out the playable demo!

The Black Coffee * Strong Women project is for serious caffeine lovers!
I noticed that over the years, men were more likely to be black coffee drinkers than women. So I became especially intrigued with the women I came across in my daily cafe encounters who drank it in its unadulterated form! Through these conversations and sharing of information, the idea was born to photograph these women, from all walks of life, in their personal spaces depicting their daily ritual with the sweet elixir!

The short film "Falling to Pieces" is a comedic exploration of how we process grief (read: laughter-through-tears). It was a Finalist in Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenplay Competition at the 2013 Nantucket Film Festival.
When her husband Eddie died a few months ago, Cassandra didn’t have any idea that he had checked that box on his driver’s license to donate all his organs. His kidneys now belong to Sam, a surfer from Long Island who she met up with the night before. Some vodka, a little Kahlua, several rounds… It’s not very clear to either of them how this happened.

Ever wonder what it is about the stereotype about women and shoes? I mean, I'm definitely not a shoe maven, and rarely wear anything other than boots, sandals or clunky loafers, but I know several women who are. I believe 120mm is for them.
120mm will explore the convergence of addiction and female identity using the metaphor of shoe obsession. Women's shoes are often seen as frivolous feminine accessories, yet a pair of stiletto heels can make a woman feel empowered, confident and attractive. Women continue to wear stilettos beyond the point of discomfort and sometimes go into debt purchasing shoes they can barely walk in while their toes and feet become more and more mangled. It can be noted that throughout the 20th Century the growing popularity of designer heels correlates with the increasing hyper-sexualization of females through images of pin-up girls, Barbie, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield – all women both imaginary and real, who are regularly outfitted in stiletto heels. Some feminist circles teach that heels are oppressive, yet modern women have reclaimed heels as our own. This project will explore the dichotomy between heels as oppressive as well as empowering objects and women's addiction to the thrill of wearing them.

I love these sea monsters... err.. I mean Water Dragons! They're so cute... I mean... scary! Rawr!

I just can't decide if I want the book the playing cards, the stickers or everything. I suspect I'll be opting for everything.


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