Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kickstart This!

Here's your weekly list of awesome Kickstarter (and IndieGoGo) projects that deserve your attention!

Happy Birthday, Marsha! is the story of two best friends, Marsha P. Johnson & Sylvia Rivera, in the hours before the Stonewall riots.
When Marsha and Sylvia, self-proclaimed “street queens” – homeless, Black & Latina trans women – ignite the Stonewall Rebellion, they change LGBT politics forever. It's a hot summer day in June, 1969. Marsha throws a party, but no one shows up. Meanwhile, Sylvia gets stoned and forgets the party after unsuccessfully introducing her lover to her family. Throughout the difficult day, the friends struggle with harassment and alienation before converging at the Stonewall Inn to finally celebrate Marsha's birth. Unbeknownst to them, the NYPD has plans to raid the bar that night. Happy Birthday, Marsha! is the story of two brave best friends and the everyday decisions they made that changed the course of history.

Supriya Hobbs and Janna Eaves, engineers, were motivated to study engineering because they wanted to change the world. To share that determination with other young women, they created Miss Possible: Dolls, a doll fashioned after a historically important role model, and coupled with an app that tells her story and encourages further learning.
We use dolls to introduce girls to strong role models, and an app to help them build skills and confidence. Each doll comes with content on our app, which includes the story of the woman, hands-on activities, and on-screen games that bring the woman’s work to life!

Carolyn Butts created Reel Sisters in 1997 to bring attention to films directed, written & produced by women of color across the globe. They're currently fundraising for their 17th season.
"We're making history in Brooklyn. Reel Sisters is one of the few outlets that film lovers have to experience intellectually stimulating and empowering films by women from around the world. We're here to reclaim our stories and launch a national dialogue about issues affecting our community and families."

Wonder Buffalo is a coming of age story of a Thai American teen, finding acceptance and empowerment cosplaying as her favorite superhero.
Wonder Buffalo is me. She's you. She's anyone who ever got looked down upon, anyone who got bullied or mistreated just for being different, or as we prefer to call it, unique. She is the epitome of the misunderstood, mistreated and unappreciated. And she will never let any of these keep her down. She is a work in progress. Always growing, learning, becoming better, stronger, tougher. What's her superpower? Tenacity.

In No Matter How Small Little Ellie discovers that despite being small she can use her imagination and persistence to learn something new.
I wanted to create a book that features a character who is persistent and creative. My hope is that No Matter How Small will be a book that both parents and children will enjoy reading many times over.


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