Sunday, August 31, 2014

She's Crafty - Mama's got a new bag

You know what nerds need more than an impressive supply of geeky tees and action figures? A bag to carry all that stuff around in!

Lilia Todd has posted some great photos of this amazing Wonder Woman satchel.

How awesome is this thing? I especially love the blue lining with stars and the little golden lasso of truth on the zipper pull.

Lydia White (The Hallow Oak) has some really great duct tape bags on her deviantART page. I kinda love these custom TARDIS bags she did for kids cosplaying characters from Doctor Who.

And speaking of Doctor Who, how wonderful is this handsewn bag by QuirkieCraft? Actually, she's got a ton of fantastic Doctor Who crafty items on her blog, in addition to a world of other awesome items.

Jaymi Horne has so many realy great geeky bags in her CreoNodo shop! Like this pink and blue Ramona Flowers Star Bag.

Feeling inspired to create your own geeky bag? How about this pattern for a great multi-use bag by Studio Kat Designs? You can wear it on your shoulder, across your chest, or as a backpack. How cool is that? And with the amazing supply of geek-themed fabric out there and your creativity, I'm sure you can come up with something really amazing!

And finally, in a shout out to my friends having fun at PAX and DragonCon this weekend, here's totally meta bag -- a bag made out of bags! Amy and Stephanie of nerdventions have a whole load of great geeky bags made of other bags. Yo. Dude. I heard you liked bags.


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