Friday, September 5, 2014

Follow Friday

Here's your weekly list of great pages and folks that you should be following!

The National Women's History Museum is one of my favorite Facebook pages. Always so many great stories of kick ass women! You can also find them on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.
Katie Mack is one of those feminist scientist types I just love. Besides sharing all kinds of great astrology and other science info, she's also dropping truth bombs like the one above. You can find her on Twitter, FacebookGoogle+, and her blog.

You may already be familiar with Rebecca Watson (aka Skepchick). I love watching her YouTube vlogs breaking down important science concepts as well as covering other geeky pursuits! You can also find her on Twitter, Google+, and on her own blog.

Tumblr is full of garbage, but there is also a whole world of awesome. One of my faves is WomanistGamerGirl. Such a great mix of pop culture, womanist commentary, geeky fun, and more. You can also find her on Twitter.

I have been following Brown Girl Collective for ages. I love their daily posts on Facebook covering awesome women and highlighting awesome stories about women and girls of color. Their Pinterest page, though, is a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours. They can also be found on Twitter and Google+.

New Moon Girls has a great Google+ page that deserves more love. They're always great for info and inspiration for people who love girls! You can also find them on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and their web page.

Feel free to leave your links in the comments!


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