Friday, September 19, 2014

Follow Friday

Here's your weekly list of great folks to follow!

I've been following BlackGirlDangerous for a while now on Twitter and Facebook, and I love the no-holds-barred truth factory you're always sure to find there. What started out as the brainchild of Mia McKenzie, has grown into a collection of writers for the blog, and an ever expanding reach to bring more voices of marginalized people into the fore. Please be sure to check out their Editor-In-Training Program and help them with their amazing work!

I've been a fan of The Brain Scoop for a while, and follow them on all the social media networks. But I want to talk to you about Emily Graslie. Emily is the brain behind The Brain Scoop. Or, well... the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago, which is basically the same thing. I love her YouTube channel, and hope she has time and energy to post there more! You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

I've done my share of cosplay, so I know exactly how much time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears go into pulling a costume together. So when I see Brichibi's costumes I'm in complete awe. Follow her on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter for all the latest photos and cosplay geekery.

GlobalGirl Media trains teenaged girls in media to produce stories from their own perspectives. I love seeing these young women from around the world pursuing a story and bringing new awareness to the problems they face as well as to their own spirit and determination to overcome them. Follow them on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Darbin Orvar is a Girl in a Shop. I'm all for seeing more girls in science, but I also want to see more girls in woodshop! Her videos are fun and informative. You can follow her on Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


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