Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kickstart This!

Here's your weekly list of fantastic crowd-funding projects that need some attention!

She and the Sea, The Pacific Northwest by Kara Sparkman, is a creative journey and exploration into the lives and spirit of women who surf the Pacific Northwest.
Three artists/surfers will take two months to travel along the coasts of Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver Island, B.C. Our journey is focused on exploring a unique minority community: the strong and spirited women who surf this rugged and wild cold-water region. We think their bond with the ocean and the beautiful landscape they inhabit is inspiring and worthy of exploration and acknowledgement. And we are curious about what makes them, and the region they call home, special and unique.

I'm really excited about Moon Hunters. In addition to our monthly tabletop game nights, we host a couple of LAN and smaller friends-online/console-gaming nights a month. We're always on the look out for local co-op games.
On your search for the missing moon, you will travel the world with your fellow Hunters, build up your tribe, and become a living legend for your deeds. Your choices each become part of the myth, joining your tribe's pantheon of heroes. How will you be remembered by your tribe in generations to come?

The Sisterhood of Shred is a documentary about women riders pushing personal limits on and off the bike, while supporting each other and providing daily motivation.
Finding women who are free riders, dirt jumpers, and skate park riders can be hard; however, these women use various methods to establish connections and build community through outreach using social media, videos, as well as hosting their own women’s events. Doing this allows these women a place to go where they feel accepted while simultaneously building skills, confidence, and lasting friendships which spread to these women’s other social networks. This has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of women riders who are seeking out more female oriented events and people who share these commonalities. From all walks of life and different points around the globe, each woman has different reasons for taking part in the Sisterhood but ultimately seemed to find what they never knew they were looking for; a supportive woman oriented community.

Girls on Games: A Look at the Fairer Side of the Industry, by Elisa Teague, is a compilation of essays by women in the tabletop games industry about past and current struggles and secrets and tips for new designers.
After compiling stories and advice for years, Elisa decided to write a book on the matter, and there is no better way to discuss such important topics than to include many voices with important viewpoints on the subject. So, we've gathered together some amazing contributors to each add a chapter on various game topics for a book that has never been see before!
I'm intrigued, and will probably back it. But I do have to register my disappointment that all the contributors appear to be white. I want to support the women of color in gaming as well.

MisSpelled: A Fantastical Witchy Web Series, by Lindsey McDowell, on the other hand, has a fantastically diverse cast!
Have you ever wished there was a witch show showcasing women NOT knowing exactly what to do as soon as they acquire powers? Ever wished for a show that showcased different ethnicities and sizes working together for the common good?

MisSpelled is the tale of five very different young women who must learn to work together after they mysteriously acquire magical powers. The girls will have to save themselves and each other from their own magical mistakes. A dark comedy with lives on the line, MisSpelled is a thrilling and comical journey for five young women who aren't necessarily down for the ride. With a new dark presence growing in power, will they be able to save themselves from impending doom?


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