Sunday, September 28, 2014

She's Crafty - Birds of a Feather Edition 2

It's starting to feel like autumn around here. And that means the winter birds are starting to return from their summer journey north. I don't think it's much of a surprise to folks who know me, but you dear reader may not have figured it out yet. I'm a bird nerd. So, obviously, that means I am more likely to collect links of cute or clever bird crafts than the average Jane. Here's the latest collection:

Hello my little chickadees! I love seeing (and hearing) my chickadee pals in my trees out back. They're out back singing right now as I type this. So super cute! Just like these super cute little hand-painted chickadee earrings from Kirstin Stride. In fact, her whole shop is filled with adorable earrings, brooches, cards and more. All hand-painted, and all lovely!

I also love these hand-painted stone owls by Sehnaz Bac. Each one is so creative and a unique piece of art.

Agnieszka Nowak's Flickr is full of really fantastic photos of the many crafts projects she's worked on. Her dolls are amazing, and the level of detail she goes into with this is stunning. She also has a collection of crochet animals and dolls. I'm particularly fond of this little crochet titmouse. (Here's where the bird nerd in me points out how titmice and chickadees are related.) She's even got a tutorial for making your own.

Maude White's ability with paper craft is breathtaking. Each piece is a fantastical work of art and I'm continually struck by the thought, This is made by cutting paper! Such a simple act, and yet it yields such wondrous beauty!

Some artists use feathers to paint with. Jamie Homeister paints ON feathers. And it's beautiful. She works using feathers donated from bird owners who are commissioning a portrait, or bought from a local bird rescue organization. And the work? Well, it's gorgeous!

For something a little more whimsical, how cute are these rust art owls by Kathi Borrego? I love how each one is completely different. I think I have a spot in my garden where they'd be right at home!

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  1. That crochet titmouse is gorgeous - thanks for sharing!