Friday, October 10, 2014

Follow Friday

Here's your weekly list of awesome folks you should be following!

In researching the Latinas in Space series, I discoveed Latinas in STEM's Facebook page. It's chock full of great posts, highlighting the truly amazing Latinas out there doing awesome stuff. You can also follow them on  Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

I just love Black Girl Nerds. I have been following them on Twitter for ages, and really enjoy reading their take on pop culture and nerdy pursuits. Because, you know, nerd-dome is big enough for all of us! You can also follow them on Google+ and Facebook.

I'm continually amazed by the things Maria Popova of Brain Pickings posts. Always smart and fun and just the perfect thing to read at the moment. Check out her posts on Facebook and Twitter.

And then there's Limor Fried, aka ladyada, founder of Adafruit Industries. You may recognize her from the Glamour magazine article shared around earlier this week. When she's not busy running a company and inventing all kinds of awesome stuff, she posts other awesome stuff on Google+ and Twitter. You should also follow the Adafruit Industries feeds on Google+, YouTube, and Facebook,


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