Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kickstart This!

How cool is this?! They're making a Self-Rescuing Princess Coloring Book!

Ok, not it's officially a SRPS coloring book, but it IS a coloring book full of princesses doing awesome things. That's close enough, right?

I'm totally getting a couple of these for the coloring-fiends in my life. Well, at least the smaller-sized coloring-fiends. I can't afford to get them for everyone!

Her Highness Builds Robots: Princesses for the 21st Century, by Laura & Beth Winters
Princess Priya loves to play board games with her prince and is passionate about science. She received a PhD. in Chemical Engineering with a focus on improving food processing techniques.

Princess Rafa is an avid artist who also loves to ride horses. In her spare time, she writes and directs plays in addition to sharing her artwork with others.

As I'm sure you know, the Self-Rescuing Princess Society is all about princesses who like to do all kinds of exciting and fun things. So this is a perfect project for us to back!
We want more realistic princesses and we want them now.

Princesses who have science experiments to design. Who open art galleries. Go skydiving. Build robots. Princesses who were a little bit more like....all of the ambitious and smart and talented and courageous little girls you know!
Yes! So, I hope you'll consider backing this project and sharing these great coloring books with the special princesses (and princes) in your life!


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