Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kickstart This!

Do we really need yet another Sherlock series? I mean, we've got Beetleton Cumberbun Brandenburg Upperclass Bendandsnap Humperdinck Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on one hand, and on the other hand we have Jonny Lee Miller (who?) and the ever amazing Lucy Liu. And that's just the TV teams. Remember Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law?

Well, the folks behind S(her)lock think so. And I agree.

The mythology behind Sherlock Holmes is infinitely malleable and easily accessible, which is evident from it being pretty much the basis for most crime stories on television or movies. As such it is a perfect vehicle for exploring all kinds of relationships.
If you look at modern television, nearly all procedures are Sherlock Holmes. A brilliant male protagonist with a "photographic memory", "amazing deductive skills" and "an oddball, not a team player" attitude. Then there's the female sidekick, who's there to log their encounters and be his mental soundboard. House. The Mentalist. The X-Files. Castle. All derive from Sherlock Holmes. Even Sherlock Holmes is a take on Poe's Dupin.

Why not go right back to the source material and play with that? By exploring femininity via the character, our production team can honor Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's canon while producing a totally fresh narrative.
I love these types of mysteries, as I know most of you do as well. I am excited about seeing them told through a diverse cast (albeit still a predominately white cast). I have been craving this kind of exploration of these stories for ages. Genderswapping, transfolk, and even a drag performer make for a compelling and highly nuanced way to tell all new stories.

And it's high time we started telling these stories!
“It’s not enough to sit on Tumblr all day and complain about the lack of diversity and inclusive media on our television shows,” says Tracy. “We have to produce our own. It would be damn hypocritical to not create a series that doesn’t stand with our inclusive feminist ideals. Since I watched Alias for the first time, I knew I wanted to write for television and run a television show. It’s the only dream I’ve had for over a decade. I want this. I care about these characters and this series. I truly believe that we can create something fun, unique, and special.”
(source: Portland Phoenix)
While Elementary does have a transwoman as Ms. Hudson (who is seriously awesome) she is only a sometimes character. I am eager to see a transwoman play Watson, a key role, supporting a cis female Sherlock. This changeroo over the standard model will be fascinating to watch play out through the series. I cannot wait to see what Katherine Tracy and her team comes up with!


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