Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lego Star Wars Friends - Come to the pink side, we have puppies!

Last week these images made the rounds and got everyone excited about fun ways to use the LEGO Friends pieces to make kick ass female warriors.

In fact, there's an entire group of LEGO enthusiasts out there building amazing pieces using ordinary bricks in new and creative (and amazing!) displays. Here's where I admit that I went looking around on the various Flickr Lego group pages and lost at least three hours of my life looking at some seriously unbelievable pieces.

By far my favorites, though, are these MOC (My Own Creation) pieces created by Frances and Tyler Sky.

By combining Lego Star Wars and Lego Friends pieces, they created Hothlake City. This highly detailed display won the "Medium Planetary Structure" trophy in the Space category at BrickCon 2014 in Seattle.

To compliment their Hothlake City display, they also created this AT-AT Cleaning Station display, where these large machines which were once used for war get the TLC they need to perform the grueling work of shuttling animals around.
After the Galactic Civil War, Stephanie & Andrea picked up this Army surplus AT-AT for dirt cheap, then retro-fitted it for use as Heartlake City’s latest Pet Taxi service.

Keeping this mechanical marvel in top condition is no small feat, requiring the assistance of many helpers including a pair of drones, a couple of Tauntauns, and many friends. A repurposed turret installation helps to get water up to those hard to reach spots!
(source: Tyler Sky on Flickr)
Now, witness the power of this fully operational cleaning station!

Personally, I like the idea of using an old decommissioned AT-AT for peaceful purposes. Although I can imagine Emma and Andrea wouldn't hesitate to use those pretty pink guns to protect their precious cargo from dangerous folks and droids with bad intentions.

I just love the details they've included on even the smallest portions. Like this Snow Speeder. I mean, what brave little girl wouldn't want to grow up to pilot one of these?

Or this Land Speeder? It'll certainly make getting around faster and more fun. There are no rules saying you can't go zooming around in the desert in style!
Emma and Andrea came along to help out after a long day of courier deliveries made with their new Land speeder. Landings are still a bit rough but she’ll get the hang of it soon enough!
(source: Tyler Sky on Flickr)

I think what I'm most in love with is the idea that while we think of the Lego kits becoming more and more gender-ized, that doesn't mean they can't be thrown into a big bucket of mixed up pieces to make something totally new and fun. Which is the whole point of playing with Lego, right?

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  1. Damn it, you're making me almost want to go buy Friends for Peo! :) Except she actively does not want to reward Lego for making that line...

    1. Yeah, I'm not going to go out of my way to get them for the niece (who already has several kits), but I don't toss them out of the mixed bags I get from the thrift store either.

      I mean, if this is what it takes to get girl figures... grrr.