Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kickstart This! The Hues

Magical girls fighting aliens? Yes, please!
If you like comics with all-female leads, magical girls, girls of color, queer girls, fat girls, thin girls, girly girls, tomboy girls, AND said girls punching aliens, then have I got the comic for you.
Here, take all my money.

I'm not well-versed in comics. But over the last couple of years, I have been trying to branch out of my comfort zone of mostly tv and books, and have asked for recommendations from friends for things to check out in the comics world. I've discovered Saga and Lumberjanes, and am even reading Captain Marvel now.

How come Alex Heberling hasn't crossed my path until today is a complete and utter mystery to me. Just looking at her website, I'm totally enthralled. I just spent a couple of hours reading bits of each comic she's done, and now I'm adding each of them to my official to-read queue.

She's running a Kickstarter to fund the first print run of her latest project, The Hues: Volume 1: Spectrum.
This comic is my love letter to magical girls, and my way of celebrating all the different types of girls everywhere. I want all kinds of kids to be able to see themselves in my characters!

While The Hues is available online for free, by backing the Kickstarter, you'll get the first three chapters plus some excellent bonus material, and updated artwork. But, more importantly, you'll be supporting a fantastic new voice in the world of comics, and one whose stories are so very needed in a world of tires old tropes about young women and what they can do.
The Hues is a story I’ve worked on in fits and spurts for many years, and I finally decided to start making the comic my primary focus two years ago! I’ll soon be crowdfunding the first print volume to coincide with my 10th anniversary in comics, which I’m very excited about.
What love the most about these character is the fact that they seem so real. They're complex individuals with flaws and personalities and unique motivations. They're as far from tropes as one can possibly get. Plus, each one reminds me of someone I know and adore.

But what has really got me intrigued is the story. Sure, it's about young women being all kick ass and stuff, and that's super awesome. But more than that, we get to see them learning about themselves and learning how to work together. This is such an important story that is often neglected in media -- girls working together to be amazing and do amazing things.
If you're looking for a modern take on a magical girl story, this might be the comic for you! I focus on character relationships, all the different kinds of love, girls working together and supporting each other, and building a cast that is diverse in many different ways. I'm pouring a whole lot of love into this story, so I hope you'll love it, too.
So, do yourself a favor and go pledge as much as you can afford to help Alex get this project printed. Also, you should check out her Patreon page.

[UPDATE]: Also, check out my interview with the amazing creator, Alex Heberling and the Kickstart This! post for The Hues 2!

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