Friday, March 20, 2015

Follow Friday - Sally Le Page

You may have seen the interview with Sally Le Page that I posted on social media last week. While this isn't the first time I'd heard of her, I realized that while I had been watching some of her videos, I wasn't following her on any social media channels. Oops!

So I fixed that straight away. And went and binge watched pretty much every video she's made. She's so great at making science talk not just interesting, but down right funny!
Science communication is a big part of my life as in my opinion, there's absolutely no point doing science if no-one hears about it and can use it.
So true!

You should also be following her! Check out her own stuff on Google+, Twitter, and YouTube. And then be sure to check out her new Creator-in-Residence videos on GE's YouTube channel!


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