Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kickstart This!

Chainmail Bikini is another Kickstarter project that doesn't actually need your help but still deserves your attention.
Chainmail Bikini is an anthology of comics by and about female gamers! 40 cartoonists have contributed 200+ pages of all new stories about the games they're passionate about—from video games to table-top role-playing to collectible card games. Help us pay for the printing costs and reward the artists by pre-ordering the book!
Potential $100 reward: character image by Kori Michele Handwerker

I absolutely love this project! In one fell swoop, you can support two causes near and dear to the hearts of all of us: women in gaming and women in comics!
The comics in Chainmail Bikini explore the real-life impact of entering a fantasy world, how games can connect us with each other and teach us about ourselves. Alliances are forged, dice get rolled, and dragons get slain! We believe that gaming should be open to all, regardless of gender. Chainmail Bikini shows that while women are not always the target market for gaming, they are a vital and thoroughly engaged part of it, and are eager to express their personal take as players, makers, and critics of games.
Potential $100 reward: character image by Molly Ostertag

Gaming is such an integral part of my life. I cannot imagine going any serious length of time without playing some kind of game, whether it be just a quick puzzle game on my phone, leveling up my Redguard Nightblade in ESO, or checking in with my Descent crew.

I also love that their stretch goals aren't for more amazing stuff, but instead will go toward paying the artist over and above the original fees. How cool is that?

So do yourself a favor and consider supporting this project. You'll be helping promote a positive view of women in gaming, and you'll be supporting these great artists! Plus, you'll get an awesome new book! What could be better than that?


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