Friday, April 3, 2015

Kickstart This!

I love this Shay & Ivy: More Than Just a Princess project by Sheena McFeely.
The first book is about Shay & Ivy and their friends, at an imaginary ball in their bedroom, dreaming of being princesses. They all dreamt of riding horses, owning closets full of gowns, and dancing in royal castles. All girls, but Shay felt out of place. How was she to royally fit in if she did not want to be a princess anymore?

Determined as ever, Shay was going to find the answer. Shay & Ivy soon find out that their dreams go beyond a kingdom. The sisters began to visualize themselves as fearless pilots riding planes, scientists owning labs to perform experiments, and astronauts dancing among the stars.
I mean... come on! You have to know that we here at the Self-Rescuing Princess Society, of all places, know that there are so many ways to be a princess, and most don't involve "riding horses, owning closets full of gowns, and dancing in royal castles." Or, at least, not in quite the way these little girls might be imagining it. Although horses do come in quite handy at times, and as I mentioned earlier, that is one of the three Girl Scout badges I earned.

No, Shay and Ivy have discovered that the princess culture might seem glamorous at first, but usually tends to become a bit uncomfortable when it won't let you do science experiments or travel into space.

So, I'm late to the celebration of this excellent project, but wanted to bring it to your attention anyway. You've only got until Sunday to back this and get your own copy of the book. I certainly hope you do.


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