Friday, August 28, 2015

Follow Friday

I've been spending more time on Tumblr lately. It's such an interesting place. Did you know there's a whole lot more to it than porn and Wholock-Sailor Moon fan fic?! It's also host to a vibrant feminist community.

Here are just a few of my favorite Tumblr accounts.

Rolls Royce Early Careers is a fantastic blog showing off the young women interning with them.
Now that I’ve got to know my team and begun to understand some of the engineering concepts involved, I have grown in confidence. This week I was able to organise and attend an important meeting independently – resulting in achieving an important step in one of my objectives. Making sure everything stays on schedule has already improved my communication skills, and I am beginning to learn the importance of all those meetings I have to attend! (Kate Prescott, intern)

In their Tumblr Stuff Mom Never Told You Cristen and Caroline "get down to the business of being women from every imaginable angle." I don't know what that means exactly, but judging by the awesomeness they post regularly, they're doing a great job of it. It's a great blend of pop culture, history, and feminist-y greatness.

I have been following Auberg Designs for a while now. I've even featured her silver necklaces in a She's Crafty - Women's History Month edition earlier this year. In addition to sharing info about her designs, she regularly includes informative posts about kickass women in science.

Another great resource for stories about the women who've come before us is Cool Chicks From History:
Suffragettes, war workers, factory girls, socialites who got stuff done, ladies who ruled countries, and women who changed the world, even if it was just a little bit.

And, of course, you are encouraged to follow the Self-Rescuing Princess Society there for a daily supply of inspirational stories about women and girls who kick ass!

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  1. What caught my attention here was, _"Did you know there's a whole lot more to it than porn and Wholock-Sailor Moon fan fic?!"_

    No +Karen Price, I did not know that. But now I do! Nice write up, and some great recommendations you have there!

    1. Thanks Meilani! I'm still not sure how Tumblr fits in with my social media marketing, but it's a fun place to get ideas.