Thursday, September 24, 2015

Music Break - Flint Eastwood

I just heard this new song by Flint Eastwood for the first time earlier this week, and it has pretty much got me enthralled. It's beautiful and touching and gives me chills every time I listen to it.

And I've listened to it a dozen times or more.

It's haunting, but in a bittersweet way. Jax's voice is perfectly ethereal and sweet. And the acoustics are amazing. It turns out that it was recorded in a church. According to her website, the song is based on the final words her mother had for her. In fact, the whole EP is the creative product of her dealing with her mother's death.
"As the listener makes their way through the EP, they experience Jax making her way through her mother's illness and passing, railing against it, dealing with the aftermath associated with such a loss, eventually accepting it, and using it as a driving force to continue to create."
This sense of learning to carry on comes through loud and clear in "Find What You're Looking For." Her mother's words of advice for living a productive and happy life are inspirational in themselves. But to have turned them into a song that she can share with others, to share the burden of the pain of loss as well as the gift of love, that is what makes this song so beautiful. And, I'll wager the entire album Small Victories follows in the same vein.
"Small Victories comes from the idea that doing anything creative in life takes a lot of persistence, struggle, and hustle. It's easy to expect that the spoils will come easily and be immediately fruitful. But if you focus on the little things, the 'small victories,' you realize that it's those things that are the most rewarding. That's what keeps me going."

Jerilyn Jordan's review on AudioFemme is what brought it to my attention. If you love music and want to support women who make music or write about music, I highly recommend following their blog.

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