Monday, July 18, 2016

My Marie Curie Obsession Continues

I've been a sort of Marie Curie kick lately. And it's no surprise why! She was a fascinating woman whose story continues to inspire over 100 years later.

I'm not sure what initially sparked my obsession. All I know is one day I found myself on my library's online catalog checking out several books about her. Books I promptly read and returned to the branch, and then turned around and bought for my home library.

Ever since then, I've been known to drop little tidbits about her into all kinds of conversations, and most people who've gone on a bike ride with me recently have heard this story! Heck, I've got at least three different draft blog posts about some of the interesting things I have learned about her just waiting for me to finish and publish!

So, when I saw this mug from Auberg Designs on Society 6, I absolutely had to treat myself. Even though I already have way too many tea mugs for one person to use. And it's too pretty to hide in a cabinet. Instead, it's enjoying a prestigious spot on my desk bookshelf, holding up some of my more popularly used research books.

Now if only I could afford the beautiful Marie Curie silver pendant! In the meantime, I hope you all want to read all kinds of anecdotes about Marie Curie, because I've got some to share.

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