Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bessie, Queen of the Sky

Bessie, Queen of the Sky
by Andrea Doshi and Jimena DurĂ¡n, illustrated by Chiara Fabbri

Earlier this week I received a review copy of Bessie, Queen of the Sky, and it's absolutely beautiful. You might remember this book from a post earlier this month recommending their Kickstarter. It was wildly successful, and since it closed they've continued to get requests to buy a copy of their first book, Bessie, Queen of the Sky. So much so they've opened a special Indiegogo campaign just to let people pre-order the book.

Bessie, Queen of the Sky is a delightfully charming picture book re-imagining the life of Bessie Coleman in the form of a fairy tale, making it an excellent book for a bedtime story for young adventurers. The illustrations by Chiara Fabbri are full of movement and life, perfect for setting young imaginations soaring as they drift off to sleep.

The story starts with Bessie as a young girl in Cottonland (Texas) dreaming of flying, and takes a gentle path through her life as she travels to Spark City (Chicago) working toward her goal, and celebrating her trip to the City of Lights (Paris) looking for new and exciting adventures, all while accompanied by her flying companion Bloony.

Its prose captures Bessie Coleman's remarkable drive and determination to make it an inspirational book for any age, while being simple enough for even the youngest dreamers to understand. The authors take some liberties with the historical accuracy, but just to make it less complicated and easier for younger children to relate to Bessie's life.

Bessie, Queen of the Sky (Indiegogo) earns the Self-Rescuing Princess Society seal of approval for its creativity and elegant simplicity in making the story of this brave adventurer more accessible for very young children. In this book they'll learn about the importance of having big dreams, the hard work needed to achieve them, and the satisfaction (and thrill!) of success.

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