Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jessica Watson: Brave Girl

Today's the 24th birthday of kickass adventurer Jessica Watson.

Seven years (and three days) ago, on May 15, 2010, 16-year-old Jessica Watson became the youngest person to complete a solo trip around the world. It was the completion a dream she had when she was 12, inspired by a a book her mother had read to her and her siblings.

What kind of bravery is needed to head out onto the ocean alone at the age of 16, knowing if you're successful you'll be spending eight months completely alone? Whatever it is, it's clear Jessica Watson had plenty of it.

During her adventurous voyage, she was responsible for repairing damage to her boat, navigating around or through storms, and keeping herself motivated to continue. While sea, she blogged about her experiences.

These days, she still sails quite a bit, when she can find time in her busy schedule. More often, though, she travels around the world by airplane, serving as a Youth Ambassador for The United Nations World Food Programme.

She's written about her experience in her book True Spirit

You can read more about her historic voyage as well as what she's working on now on her blog

You can read about her work with the UN's World Food Programme

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