Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Big Step

I spent the entire day today doing something pretty scary: I closed down my etsy shop.

OK, I only closed my itchbay shop. Well, really, I didn't technically close it. I just moved everything into a whole new shop. I have to say, it's very scary to walk away from a shop in which I have invest over 6 months of work, made a significant number of connections and had a reasonable amount of traffic.

Why, you ask. Well, because I worried that having the log-in name of my shop be so very different from its actual name would eventually cause more problems than those caused by making the switch. I'd already gotten some questions from one of the new teams I'd joined, where they asked me to have a Yahoo ID that was the same as my etsy ID. As much as I love the handle "itchbay," it's not the brand I'm going for.

I've been agonizing over this for a couple of weeks now, and finally just bit the bullet and did it. Things are pretty quiet now, and I felt now is as good time as it will ever be to do the work and start over before I invested even more money and time into the other shop. I re-listed almost everything in my new shop. I did leave a few things behind -- mostly items I didn't really feel excited about. (I'll chalk those up as more learning experiences, and include them in a future post.) Mainly, I wanted to do it before I started listing all the new items I've been working on.

Sadly, "Self Rescuing Princess Society" was too long for etsy's system, so I settled on SRPS. That acronym will be used more and more going forward, so it'll work. I also tagged everything in the shop so that searches for "Self Rescuing Princess Society" will still bring up my items.

Unfortunately, I lost all my item views, circles, and hearts. To help rebuild my etsy network, I'm asking everyone to take a second and go heart something in my store. I'll even give you a coupon code worth 25% off anything in my shop to make it worth your time!

Next on the agenda: getting my website set up!


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