Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

So much really good stuff this week!

First off, Oh No They Didn't has about a zillion stills from The Hunger Games. SQUEEEEE!

Two Nerdy History Girls, who always have great stuff, wrote about the blending of fiber arts and patriotism in a young girl's education: Painting & Stitching 'Caliope & Clio' as a Schoolgirl Accomplishment, c 1810

Continuing the fiber arts thread (see what I did there?), Symmetry Magazine has some great photos of some amazing quilts of the Large Hadron Collider. I just love geek arts and crafts! (h/t Feminist Philosophers)

elle, phd. has a cute video of her adorable godson giving a presentation about Marian Anderson, as well as a great link for more info about her life.

Jewish Women's Archive has a fun remembrance of the inimitable Sophie Tucker

Variety has a report that Sophia Coppola has selected Emma Watson for her film about teenaged burglars who hit celebrity homes. Color me intrigued!

SexyBeast host a roundtable with the women from Community, and it is awesome!

The folks at Gender Focus reminded us of this hilarious rap, A Lady Made That:

And, last, but certainly NOT least, there's a new Hunger Games clip:


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