Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She's Crafty!

You wanna see something really cool? Check out the beautiful works of Jillian Tamaki. I am in love with this Monster Quilt. The colors, the detail, the amazing creativity. It's just so wonderful. I can't stop looking at it. Each time I click the larger image, I see something new and mind-blowing.

Monster Quilt, 2011 - Jillian Tamaki
You may have seen her illustration making fun of the sexy Halloween costumes. She also has other lovely and brilliant illustrations:

And fantastic short-form comics:

But, OMG, she was also commissioned to make embroidered book covers for Penguin Classics:

They are so beautiful! I'm only a teensy bit disappointed that they aren't selling the actual fabric book covers. But only a teensy bit. I will be ordering these new printings ASAP. They're just too beautiful not to have.

I will be watching for more awesomeness from her in the future. I'm a fan!


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