Thursday, June 28, 2012

SRPS Movie Night - Brave (no spoilers)

I really wanted to see this on opening day, but we had a party on Saturday and needed to spend Friday night cleaning up. So, we saw it on Sunday. And immediately after the closing credits, I was already making plans to see it again.

Before seeing it, I heard from lots of people, It's not what you think it's going to be. I think what they meant was it's not your typical princess movie. Which is interesting to me. Who was going into this thinking it was a Disney Princess Movie™?

I mean, isn't the poster a dead giveaway? She's holding a bow and is getting ready to shoot an arrow. Plus, if you've seen any of the previews, it's pretty clear this is an adventure for Merida. What kind of adventure may not have been obvious, but it's certainly NOT about finding her prince.

I don't want to spoiler this movie for anyone. I do plan to write another review in a week or so, once I've had a chance to see it again at least once. There's a lot for me to process in this film. The story is great. It's exciting. It never felt manipulative or predictable. It might be a bit scary for younger children. And there's a couple of problematic things that I'm ruminating on. But, on the whole, this is an excellent film.

And one well worth seeing at the theater. The scenery alone is worth the trip. It's beautifully rendered. Amazingly framed. We saw it in 3D, which isn't my favorite. I want to see it again in regular old 2D. 3D was a bit dark, and a bit blurry for my weak eyes.

And the best part? Seeing SO MANY girls in the theater, excited to see the film. We sat next to two girls about 6 years old, both there with their dads. It was super sweet. It made me think of myself as a 6 year old, looking to see myself in the movies I watched. I'm so happy these girls got a chance to see a brave young princess being her true self, fighting for control over her own destiny.

Please go see it. Please please please vote with your time and your dollars for more movies like this. Please.


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