Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Lynda Carter

We all know her as Wonder Woman. The television show ran in the late-1970s, and it was one of my favorites! I mean, this woman could kick some serious ass!

Of course, even at that age, I questioned why she had to wear her Amazonian swim suit to catch the baddies. Superman at least got a full-body suit and a cape, in case he got cold, right?

After the show ended, she sorta fell off my radar until I saw her in a television ad for contacts or something. But, as it turns out, she hasn't been sitting at home polishing her tiara (oh, and what a tiara it was!). No, she's been acting in various television and movie roles. And voice acting. Did you know she did some voices for Skyrim? Huh.

But most surprising to me is her singing! I mean, I recall she did some duets with other singers on those celebrity variety shows back in the day, but it just seemed like something everyone did. But she's still performing with her own band!

Happy Birthday Lynda Carter!


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