Saturday, July 14, 2012

She's Crafty

Women's history is seldom written as boldly as that of men. Sometimes it isn't written with ink and paper at all, but with a strand of silk thread on linen.
A while ago, Two Nerdy History Girls wrote about a truly amazing school girl's sampler, and have followed it up with another post, addressing the thought that most of these samplers found at auction come mainly from Northern US cities, and few come from the South.

They also give a shout out to the Quilt Index, which is an iPhone app that catalogs beautiful quilts and makes those images available on the go.

Speaking of iPhones, check out these cool Cross Stitch iPhone covers: I might have to make one of these!

And check out this Spring Unicorn Cross Stitch pattern. It is made of awesome.

I wish I'd seen this embroidery Geologic Cross Section when I was taking my geology class last semester! My cross sections were just boring old photo copies. How cool would it have been to have made one of these to turn in?

And keeping with geeky science crafts, I am in love with these Planet Plushies (h/t Geek Crafts):

If you're still worried about zombies, you might want to make this Amagurumi Plant:

There have been lots of ideas for using paint swatches to make different decorations. I'm kinda impressed with these cute little gift boxes and may actually play around with this using some of the paint chips I have on hand from different redecorating projects.

And last but not least... Batman pot holders... I know at least one person who would love these:

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  1. Now I know what my first knitting project will be! (well, I see she used crochet but I bet I could knit them!)