Monday, August 20, 2012

She's Crafty

I'm continually amazed at the awesome crafty items I find pretty much every day when cruising around the Internet. There are some super awesome things out there, being dreamed up by folks far craftier than I.

This adorable Mario sweater vest 
I mean, if you're going to go geeky, go the full measure with this fantastic hand-knitted Mario sweater vest by the Happy Seamstress.

Loomi light
I'm kinda new to the Loomi phenomenon, but this light might get me to buy some of the cards.

Minecraft shoes with a surprise!
These would be the perfect shoes to wear to PAX, which is less than two weeks away!

Video game quilt
I could easily spend hours on Miss Carlotta's blog. She's got this amazing quilt, which was her first quilt!

Pacman stocking
She also has several knitted stockings. Like this Pacman stocking. I'd love to see this in red and green.

Reusable snack bags - in FIREFLY fabric!
Wait... there's Firefly fabric? And someone is making cool reusable snack bags with it? NEED! Random Sacks of Kindness (isn't that the cutest name?!) has loads of other really cute bags as well. Worth checking out for planning your back to school gear.

Crochet cup holder
I was looking for some clever and crafty coasters to use with our fancy new gaming table when I came across this really creative and clever crocheted drink holder on Flickr.

Beautiful felted slippers
I have some felted slippers a friend made me and I love them. I was looking for some to buy for my mom and sister, and found these lovelies. I love the flowers. 

Super sweet cupcakes
I love these sweet little felt cupcakes by Coconut Lane. I just love the little bead sprinkles.

Sweet Dreams with this adorable boat house mobile
And last but certainly not last, this adorable mobile by A Continual Feast. She's got several different mobiles, and other goodies, but I like this one the best. Makes me think of have good, adventurous dreams.


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