Monday, January 21, 2013

Shout-Out - MHP: Recognizing the Women in the Civil Rights Movement

I don't watch a lot of television. I certainly don't watch a lot of talk/news shows. So many of them make my head hurt and leave me feeling worse than I felt when I sat down. But Melissa Harris-Perry? She's my heroine. I made it a point to watch every single show. I might not get to watch it live, but I save it and make sure I get to it some time during the week.

In this segment, Melissa sits down with Elizabeth Alexander, Myrlie Evers-William, Joy-Ann Reid, and Wade Henderson and has a in-depth discussion about the women who played an integral role in the civil rights movement. The talk about the well-known names, like Rosa Parks, Septima Clark, Coretta Scott-King, and so many others.

But they also acknowledge the unknown women who walked rather than taking the bus during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the women who went without necessities so they could contribute a hard-earned dollar to the cause, the women who brought food to the meetings and tended the children. Without these women, the movement could not have survived.

Thanks, Melissa! You rock!


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