Sunday, February 3, 2013

Self-Rescuing Princess of the Week - Lauren Rojas

Twelve year old Lauren Rojas's science project for school wasn't your typical science fair fare. Instead of building the ubiquitous baking soda volcano, she wanted to test the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature. So she built a weather balloon, attached several cameras to record the view, and a high altitude computer to track the changes in temperature, air pressure and altitude. And then she added a little something extra.

She wanted to send her Hello Kitty doll on the trip, so she build her a little rocket to travel in, and attached it to the scientific equipment.

She launched the rocket from Antioch, California, where it was buffeted by strong winds as it rose to its highest point, over 93,000 feet up! When the balloon burst, it sent Hello Kitty back down, to land nearly 50 miles away. Lauren recovered the equipment, with the help of several adults, as it was tangled in a tree 50 feet off the ground, and completed her assignment. And, then, for good measure, made this awesome video.

Best. Science. Fair. Entry. Ever.

(source: NY Daily News)


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