Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kickstart This!

Here's your weekly list of fantastic crowd-funding projects that need some attention!

I love how Samurai Bike Messengers combines a brave young team and cycling!
The Samurai Bike Messengers story centers around the adventures of female heroine Mona-Star, a determined young bike messenger who together with her team, must save New York City. An invasion by the villainous Guzzle Thugs, ordered to eliminate all cycling and walking, challenges Mona to become a team leader and pushes her into new unknown challenges.

Here's a game for all you fans of Animal Crossing, The Sims and Farmville. You know who you are.
Pumpkin-Online is a farming/dating sim MMORPG, wildly different than any other out there. Instead of level grinding with battle and combat, Pumpkin-Online is a relaxed game. You can role-play a profession, craft items, customize your own private farm, go on quests, have fun with NPCs, and more, all with friends!

I just love this project. There are so many great stories that need to be told and Adwoa Gyimah-Brempong is working to make sure they are.
Walk In My Shoes is a six-week digital storytelling workshop for immigrant and refugee teenage girls at Oakland International High School. With this project, I will be supporting girls as they invite readers to walk in their shoes: see through their eyes, hear the soundtrack of their lives, and follow the path of their journey.

The project will offer girls practical training in self-definition and the crafting of rich stories, increase their proficiency with media and digital technologies, help them to interrupt immigrant stereotypes that restrict their life paths to doctors or domestic workers with no middle ground, foster cross-cultural connections, and bolster confidence.

Know what I hate about crowd-funding? The wait for products that I want RIGHT NOW. Like this.
In Jelly God, you become the only hope for an otherwise grey and barren world. Breathe life into this new plane by cultivating a tribe of jelly people (jellies), and developing the emerging landscape. Expand your village of jellies by collecting resources, building homes, unlocking new colours, and discovering new ways to combine items.

While I've never been to CONvergence, I have been to PAX. And I know the amazingness that comes from getting a bunch of geeks all together. As my friend Cat say, "It's like Christmas for grown-ups." Kate Norlander's project, Geek Culture, wants to share that awesomeness with everyone.
CONvergence is an annual sci-fi and fantasy convention in Minnesota run entirely by volunteers. It draws thousands of people each year. In 2013, I attended CONvergence along with photographer Emmerlee Sherman and her assistant, Russ Gamache. We gathered stories and photos throughout the four-day convention. Geek Culture is the result of our efforts.


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