Sunday, September 7, 2014

She's Crafty - Back to School

It's Back to School time! And to celebrate, here's a collection of awesome crafty items with a school theme!

Back to School time means Autumn is nearly here! What a great way to celebrate both with a Lambswool Pencil Scarf! Actually Sara Carr's shop has lots of really lovely and fun scarves!

Feeling little bite-y about having to go back to school? Or, maybe awesome? Well, here's the perfect pencil case either way! This Shark Pencil Case is both bite-y and awesome! Heck, I'm not even taking classes this year, and I want one!

I found these adorable little Best Friends Charms in La Petite Artist's BlueBumbershoot shop. What a cute idea for a back-to-school themed bracelet or earrings!

What's more perfect than settling into a night of reading (for homework, of course!) with a super comfy blanket? Like this Composition Notebook Coverlet by Snuffykin. Super easy to make, and will certainly keep you inspired to jot down some notes, right?

And while you're snuggled up and reading, wouldn't you love to have a cup of tea this cute Notebook Paper Mug? In fact Sikiu Miller-Perez has a great collection of notebook paper themed ceramic items in her MangoTreeCeramics shop.

These Mathematics Earrings are perfect for anyone who loves math and language! That's two of the 'Three Rs' right there! Louise Annable's shop, Bookity, can be found on both sides of the Atlantic: Folksy and Etsy.


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