Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Music Break - Erica Glyn

In my on-going effort to listen to more new-ish music, I've been following links I find on various music blogs and falling down rabbit holes on Spotify and SoundCloud.

One song that keeps popping up in the more remote places is "All Just for You" by Erica Glyn. And with good reason. It's a great song. Its lyrics are all sultry insistence while the music reminds me of that kind of kaleidoscopic feeling you have when you're really drunk and things are swirling around inside your head. There are many comparisons between Erica Glyn and 90s trip-hop artists like Portishead, and I can see why. The floaty feeling is still there, but there's also the grinding guitar to ground you.

According to Erica herself, "'All Just For You' is a bit of a rebellious song. There’s a lot going on lyrically. There are many levels of interpretation and meaning but ultimately it’s meant to grab you by the collar, shake you up a bit and ask you 'What are you doing to make things better?'"

I was interested in learning more about her music, so I looked around. I found her earlier albums on Spotify. Each has its own unique sound while also carrying the thread of her talent.

Her latest EP, Dollar for Thieves can be heard on Diffuser. The other songs on the EP are good. Erica describes the EP as "is an angst-y 5-song EP that wrestles with 21st century frustrations and the struggle to keep your head above water while pushing to be a better person."

Yeah, I think that's something we can all relate to.

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