Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Music Break - Screaming Females

I recently came across this video on some other blog post long since lost out of my feed. (I think it was some kind of "Awesome Women in Music in 2015" wrap up post, but it's long gone.) It's just plain brilliant.

I freely admit I love the original Taylor Swift version. There's absolutely no shame in that. But this cover? So fantastic. Marissa Paternoster's voice is a perfect blend of heart-break and "fuck it" that takes this cover of an already pretty kick-ass song about shaking off the crap that keeps getting piled on us to even deeper levels.

And then she goes into the guitar solo for the break and just kills it.

Since I spent pretty much the entire Christmas break with this cover stuck in my head, I decided this week to seek out more by Screaming Females. OMG y'all. I am officially in love. Their whole album Rose Mountain is just amazing. Made all the more so when I read this great interview with Marissa where she talks about her health issues and the role they played in its conception. Honestly, it's been on repeat all day while I wrote this.


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