Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kickstart This! Hex11

We are deep into the Women in Comics Renaissance and I'm loving every freakin' minute page of it! There are so many fantastic comics out there telling the stories of amazing women characters, written by amazing women writers, and illustrated by amazing women artists. There's not enough time to read them all. And yet, here I am telling you about yet another one you need to check out: Hex11.

Hex11 by HexComix is well worth your time and attention. The story is about a young woman living in a world where a new energy source, Ether, has given some humans wondrous new magical abilities. Sadly, as one might cynically predict, many are using this new power for monetary gain -- leading to a whole new type of power struggle between the haves and have-nots.
One such woman is Elanor Kent, a young witch living in the Hex and apprenticing the eccentric Vera, a very powerful oracle. Though she aspires to master the many facets of magic, she finds herself practicing basics and running Vera's errands. However, when one seemingly ordinary task places her in the crossfire of a black market warlock and a demonic mercenary, the excitement she had hoped for becomes all too real and all too dangerous…
HexComix has already met their initial goal allowing them to print Volume 1 (Issues 1-6), and is now working toward their first stretch goal -- a printing of Issue 7. You can check out a PDF version of Issue 1 here for free. So, with all the comics out there featuring great female characters why is it so important to support Hex11? Because not only is it a story about kickass women, but it's put together by a team of kickass women.
HexComix is a Los Angeles-based comic book label. We are currently dedicated to our premiere title, Hex11, an ongoing series illustrated by Lisa K. Weber, written by Kelly Sue Milano, and produced/edited by Lynly Forrest. We are proud to be a 100% nerd girl-run operation, changing the world through creative ideas and compelling characters.

The artwork alone is worth the funding. Look how beautiful these pages are! I've already devoured Issue 1. The pacing is great. As is the blocking. I wanted to know more about these people after only reading the first couple of pages. And I'm pretty sure you will too. Let's make this happen!

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