Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Music Break - Irma Thomas

I'm back from spending a week in Louisiana visiting my family, eating tons of delicious food, and doing a lot of sight seeing. One of the many highlights of my trip was getting to see the legendary "Queen of New Orleans" Irma Thomas perform. What an amazing woman!

I knew a couple of her songs from here and there, but seeing her live was a real treat. It felt as though the audience was a gathering of her closest friends, and instead of having a standing set list she just took requests yelled out by the audience.

The only disappointment: I would have loved to see more. But, at nearly 75 years old, it's still pretty awesome that she put on a 75 minute show full of emotion and dancing.

The best part of the show? When she started in singing her Second Line Medley, and a room full of people jumped up and started parading around the room waiving their handkerchiefs and napkins around. One women even brought a small umbrella just for that song.

Her most well-known song was also her first recorded song, "(You Can Have My Husband But Please) Don't Mess With My Man" written by Dorothy LaBostrie. In the over-50 years she has been performing and recording, she's had a slew of hits, and built an almost fanatical following. You can certainly add me to that list as well.

(photo source: nola.com)

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